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If you are interested in breeding horses or buying one, contact us! They are trained for riding and carriages (except the very young ones)
Kutschfahrten und Pferde
Horses – our passion
Carriage Rides: The tour with our horses and carriages will always be a special experience in the summer as well as in winter, for example to

Riedrunde: Tour of about two hours to the nature reserve "Ried":
Price for adults 20,- EUR.

Of course you can book the coach just for you or for your family. Think also of our wonderful "Landauer" (made of glass) for weddings.
The coldblood horse of South Germany:

According to the National Association of Bavarian horse breeders, the goal of breeding cold blood horses is: "This horse embodies the tough workhorse. It breeds an average weight horse, that is agile and very versatile. This type horse has a correct position and is characterized by a rhythmic movement. It focuses on the walk and trot.
They are used primarily to be ridden and draw light and heavy loads. The purpose of this kind of horse that is also suitable for riding. It assigns importance on balanced temperament, and reliability, with healthy hooves and fertility."
Gutschein verschenken
Horse breeding

We, the Zunterer family have been breeding the thoroughbred horses called "Süddeutsches Kaltblut" since 1986. It all started with our first mare named "Wilka". She represents the beginning of our breeding that nowadays has increased to about 30 horses.
In addition, we are very happy that our beloved horses are housed in the new barn in Ried since 2004. We currently raise mares, geldings and two stallions, Vito and Nussini II, which are actively used for breeding in the region.

"If you want a black horse or a brown one, go to Sepp Zunterer, and he will amaze you" is said between breeders of the Süddeutsches Kaltblut.
We sell beautiful stallions, geldings and mares, brown and black horses, Süddeutsches Kaltblut and Percheron-Mix.

For more information call: +49 171 5747085.
Sueddeutsches Kaltblut