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In the 16th century the building of the present "Alpenrose" served as headquarters outside the
Augustinian canons of Rottenbuch.
The monastery was used by Luther as overnight accommodation, on his way back home from Rome in 1511.
In 1982 it was said that a memorial plaque would be installed on our house
to commemorate his efforts to spread the Gospel.
In the journal of Garmisch-Partenkirchen the following article was published (extract):

From the historic books of the church written by Heinrich Boehmer (died in 1927) we apprehend, that it was known
for long that Martin Luther was passing Mittenwald on the way back his trip to Rome in the winter of 1510/1511
The only question is, where did Luther stay in Mittenwald?
The theology professor of Marburg, Dr. Ernst-Wilhelm Kohl suggests in the memorial book of the Augsburg
congregation of the Holy Cross, which formerly belonged to the local Augustinian Canons,
that Luther has stayed here several times as an Augustinian monk on his trip to Rome in the Augustinian Canons.
The Augustinian canons of Rottenbuch had an outdoor monastery in Mittenwald which is the building of the
present "Alpenrose". The Zunterer family as the owner of the hotel correctly points this fact out in their brochure.
Professor Kohls in the script of "The Alpenrose Mittenwald" - A historical site of Luther in Bavaria" gave the scientific
evidence that Luther stayed as a monk in this monastery of the Augustinian Canons on his return from Rome
at the end of February 1511.
Mittenwald has already got a famous memorial plaque displaying that Goethe stayed in the
house of 2 Obermarkt, during his trip in Italy from 7 to 8 September 1786."

In literature, there are numerous quotations referring to the imposing building of the present "Alpenrose" and to the former headquarters of the Augustinian Canons at 1 Obermarkt, Mittenwald.
Ottokar von Streitberg describes the frescoes in detail on the large pediment of the building (the testimonies of the famous frescoes on the facades of the houses of Mittenwald) in his presentation:
"Our Werdenfelser land. A collection of documents of the local history." He writes: "The frescoes of this house (1 Obermarkt) are attributed to Franz Zwinck, probably painted in 1780. Here is the basic concept of the work:

Pursuing the virtues and controlling the senses, man attains the heavenly glory. The three images below are the allegories of Virtues: The lion and the cross (strong courage) Almsgiving (charity) and The Chaste Susanna (self-control) ...The broad pediment displays the crowning and the glory of Mary in heaven in the original way".

One of the most famous fresco painters was also born in Mittenwald: Franz Karner (1737-1817). A memorial plaque was installed at his birthplace at 42 Laintal, Mittelwald. He created for example the scene of crucifixion of Christ, rich in colours and figures on the house of the engraver Franz Tiefenbrunner, 38 Laintal, Mittenwald.


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